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If you would like have a true no-obligation discussion about your organization's specific needs, please use the Contact form and we will have an advisor get back to you quickly.

What can I expect when speaking with an advisor?

Your advisor will confidentially ask some basic questions and make recommendations related to:

  • Privacy and Security Rules assessments
  • Policies, Procedures, Forms and other required documents and manuals
  • Staff training
  • IT infrastructure
  • Business Associates
  • and a few other items

Should you wish to explore the next steps, you and your advisor may go back and forth a few times as you provide additional information about your facility.  Finally, based on the information you provide, you will be presented with a high-level plan of what may be needed for compliance and how to move forward.

At this point, you have a view of how you should proceed. You owe nothing and we wish you good luck in your efforts.

If you feel we can assist you with any identified deficiencies, we can discuss that further with you, present you with a proposal and again, you still owe nothing.

Should you choose to proceed with the proposed (or just some) services, we are reasonably priced to fit within any information privacy and security budget with services starting at $500.

If you need a HIPAA resource to access whenever needed, our model is a great choice!