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Washington Attorney General Ferguson proposed the law passed the state House of Representatives unanimously. Highlights of the bill include:

  • Eliminates the blanket exemption for encrypted data;
  • Requires consumer notification as immediately as possible and no later than 45 days whenever personal information is likely compromised;
  • Requires that the AG be notified within 45 days when a data breach occurs at a business, non-profit or public agency, enabling the AG to compile centralized information about data breaches for law enforcement and consumers; and
  • Requires businesses, non-profits and agencies, when reporting a breach, to provide consumers with basic information they can use to help secure or recover their identities.

The House version of the bill, House Bill 1078, is sponsored by Rep. Zack Hudgins. The senate version, Senate Bill 5047, is sponsored by Sen. John Braun.

Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General